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Jennifer Juelich

Since She Left

A woman facing midlife returns to her hometown and questions
her life, love and sexuality.

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Since She Left Official Trailer

Mission Statement


This film is unique in that it focuses on a generation that came-of-age in a time when society's view on sexuality were changing yet many still felt the weight of an earlier morality even in the 60's and 70's and thus did not feel the freedom to be true to themselves.

The Story


Angie (52) and her husband Jeff (58) arrive for her mother's funeral back to the small town she left years before. Her demeanor reflects the anxiety surrounding her return.



We assume this tension is due to her mother's death, but soon learn that there is more than the impending funeral that Angie is afraid to confront.  Her first days back, she feels compelled to reach out to a childhood friend, Zoey - an independent spirit, with whom she once had a secret, adolescent love affair. 


A relationship that Angie herself had initiated yet due to the era's climate of intolerance, had abruptly ended before running away to live, what was in her eyes, a safe and conventional life. Yet during Angie's time back home, Zoey unapologetically confronts her about the road she chose and what her decisions have cost her emotionally. 





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Director's Statement and Why This Film is Important...


Since She Left is about regret with the universal theme of reaching middle age and reflecting on decisions made in youth. Decisions that can often be shaped by fear of retribution. Coming out is still difficult for many but society is changing. This film highlights a generation that often times lacked the freedom to do so especially in more rural parts of the country.






Baby boomers had come of age in an era that promoted the expression of individuality but unfortunately, not all were able to embrace that ideal. For many there still existed a deep undercurrent of 50’s morality, not only prevalent in small town America but in most women of that generation.


This film exposes how intolerance and bigotry of a community can often create a lifelong fear for those most vulnerable. It will be a visual poem to the many who have lost their way and seek to find who they really are.


Not Another Second
A video of seniors speaking about the years they were forced to hide their true selves.

Where We Are and Where We're Going...


Currently in post-production, we are looking for funding to complete the film through color correction, sound design, musical score, and festival fees. 


Ultimately, we will be submitting to festivals nationally and internationally and will be sending out early preview links to supporters! Debbie Brubaker, one of our producers, has ties to Amazon, Netflix and other streaming platforms.

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