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Salvation Highway - Future Seasons

Season 2: Red Hills and Bones (The Southwest)

After their failure at the festival, the band limps back to the revival and continues its tour westward through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Southern Nevada. At the beginning of the season, Nate spirals into a depression that parallels the backdrop of the arid, barren Southwestern landscapes. Along the way Travis has a one-night stand with which he finds respite but discovers that her plans of suicide cannot be deterred.

In Las Vegas, Nate locates the waitress he met on the road only to find that she’s turned to alcohol, realizing that sometimes dreams are better left unfulfilled. Reverend Samuel relives his youth, remembering when he first met his wife in a dream sequence while attending a 50’s musical revival show. By end of season Nate rallies himself, Travis and Billy with a renewed sense of purpose at Joshua Tree National Park.

Season 3: Into the Great Wide Open (The West Coast)

Excitement swirls as the band and the revival get star struck by the west coast scene with its fast-paced lifestyles, testing everyone’s commitment to the tour. On route, Nate meets a record producer who offers them a chance at fame but at what cost? 

Levon finds love in San Francisco with Fredrick, a Unitarian minister, and decides to leave the fold. Chastity spends a weekend on a pot farm in Oregon all the while the reverend fears that the devil’s dance may be luring his entire posse away from God’s path permanently. Yet at the end of the season on their way north, the band’s river of revived dreams begins to freeze over from the great northern winds.


Season 4: Northern Lights (The Northern States)


Heading into Washington State, then Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas, the drop in temperature causes a coming together of the tribe. The band pays homage to Kurt Cobain in Seattle by visiting the place of his death. The previous carnival reappears in Idaho leading Billy to discover that he’s a soon-to-be father and convinces Angel to leave her life as a carney and join them on the road.


Eventually feeling lost and unfulfilled, Levon returns having realized his calling lies more with small town salvation. Travis gets the courage to show Nate country/western songs he’s written that threatens not only the trajectory of the band but also their friendship. Dixie Lee’s dream comes true when she experiences a night of passion with a lonely, intoxicated reverend and Harry’s past catches up with him in the Badlands of South Dakota that leads to an unfortunate end.

Season 5: Home is Where the Heartland Is (The Midwest)

The revival turns south through the heart of the Midwest by end of series. Like their travels in the Southwest, throughout this season, the landscape reflects a sense of resignation amid the flat, starkness of the great plains.


Billy chooses to start a life with Angel and his baby daughter and joins an organic farming commune in Nebraska. Travis realizes that he must go his separate way with his own music and heads to Nashville. Levon reunites with Fredrick and they marry in Kansas which gives him the courage to start his own ministry.


Reverend Samuel announces that his revival will continue to travel the backroads of America until his last dying breath with Dixie at his side as Chastity falls in love with a day work drifter who finds true redemption in the word of God and enlists as the reverend's new right-hand man.


Nate catches a bus back to Ohio and meets a kindred soul on the highway.

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