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Salvation Highway (limited series concept)

Series Overview...

Salvation Highway is a TV series that follows 22-year-old Nate Elliot and his small-town rock band as they cross the country with a traveling Christian revival show. Having applied to perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Nate believes that the music festival will be the key to their big break. Yet, having been recently fired from his job, the roadblock -- getting there with no vehicle and no money.

After discovering that a traveling Christian tent revival show has Texas on its tour route, Nate and the band decide to take the gig as musicians for this bunch of holy rollers and hit the highway. From the start, Nate believes that Reverend Samuel and his followers may not be the roadside faith healers they claim to be but sideshow con artists.

Yet, seeing a world outside of his small town of Monroe, Ohio gives Nate the chance to meet people from all walks of life – many of whom flock to the church, disabled both mentally and physically, seeking the promise of salvation. After several weeks on the road, Nate and the band eventually make it to the festival. Upon arrival, their hopes are dashed by the overwhelming number of musicians standing in line for a ticket to immortality. Defeated and broke both emotionally and financially, they limp back to the ministry and continue the revival tour.

Nate and the reverend at first appearance seem to have diametrically opposing lifestyles and philosophies. Yet, as their journey progresses from the South, to the Southwest, up the West Coast, across the Northern Territory and by end of series, down through the Plains of the Midwest -- they discover the undeniable truth that their similarities far outweigh their differences.

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