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Salvation Highway - Season One

Pilot:   East Monroe, Ohio ~ "Laying on of Hands" 

  • Opening scene - Nate is a boy when a rock n' roll tour bus breaks down in front of his families impoverished trailer home in Ohio. The lead singer gives him a guitar and tells him that 'it's his wings out of there, but it's up to him to teach it to fly’.

  • Twelve years later, Nate works at the local hardware store and is now the lead singer of a struggling garage band. The band has applied to the SXSW music festival in Austin but has no idea how they're going to get from Ohio to Texas.

  • After getting fired from his job at the hardware store and still needing to help support his family, Nate convinces the band that they can make money AND get a free trip to the festival by signing on as musicians for a traveling Christian ministry show.

  • The night before departing, Nate has doubts about leaving, questioning whether it’s better to have tried and failed at a dream than never to have tried at all.







Episode 1:   Woodburn, Kentucky ~ "Thy Brother's Keeper"

  • Complications arise when another revival has booked the same lot forcing the two ministries to share the space. As both reverends attempt to override each other with dueling bullhorns, Nate brings the two factions together with the power of music.

  • Levon suspects that a teenage boy brought to the revival by his parents in the hopes of ‘ridding him of his sin against God’, is gay and secretly counsels him to be true to himself.

  • Dixie Lee makes a pathetic attempt at seducing Reverend Samuel and upon rejection comes close to death by nearly drowning in holy water she assumes will cleanse her soul of desires.

  • When Billy and Chastity get trapped inside the truck trailer overnight, Billy teaches her how to deal with her anxiety with skills he’s learned from coping with Asperger’s.





Episode 2:   Lexington, Tennessee ~ "Winds of Change"

  • An impending tornado threatens the ministry prompting Reverend Samuel to ask God to forgive him for his questionable practices while Levon discovers his first small town gay bar.

  • Nate gets involved with a waitress and ex-showgirl 10 years his senior. On finding out her tragic past, he convinces her to return to Vegas to find her young son.

  • Travis falls for a young newlywed whose husband accidentally left her at a gas station off the highway on their way west. Upon the husband’s return, Chastity seduces him with the hopes of convincing him to take her with him instead of his wife.

  • Billy, using his skills as gravedigger, attempts to create a storm shelter by burying their entire RV underground with a stolen backhoe.






Episode 3:   Malcom, AL ~ "Wheels in the Sky" 

  • The revival crosses paths with a traveling carnival where Harry runs into an old acquaintance who threatens to expose his criminal past.

  • Nate and Travis attempt to talk Billy, who believes he’s found his soulmate in a young carney girl named Angel, out of quitting the band and following his heart.

  • Chastity’s suspicions of her brother’s sexuality are confirmed.

Episode 4:   Rosedale, Mississippi – "Deals with the Devil"

(Script note: This one storyline episode is set in Mississippi where, according to southern folklore, the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for musical genius.)

  • Nate, who has been doubting his talents as a musician, finds himself alone and out of gas on a desolate crossroad after midnight. About to settle into the RV for the night,  a large, soft-spoken man suddenly appears from the darkness offering him a deal he can’t resist.

  • Upon arriving at a gas station up the road and telling the attendant and his cronies of his experience, they laughingly inform him that according to southern folklore, Nate has just sold his soul to the devil.

  • When Nate returns to the revival, he implores Levon to help him get it back, but when faced with what is required to repossess it, he gladly accepts that his afterlife may eternally belong to the Prince of Darkness.

Episode 5:   Shenandoah, Louisiana – "The Winnebago of the Rising Sun"

  • The ministry finds itself in the company of a traveling brothel owned entirely by women.

  • Reverend Samuel contemplates ditching his original route and hitching his wagon to this ‘brothel on wheels’ to cash in on sinners seeking redemption in its wake.

  • Nate discovers a girl with an incredible singing voice and suggests she leave her life of prostitution and journey with them to SXSW. Ultimately, she confesses that she sings simply for the joy of song and that her freedom on the road is more important than the shackles of success.

  • Chastity considers joining the women hoping it will be a way out of the family.

Episode 6:   Austin, Texas – "The Streets Were Paved with Gold"

  • Nate, Travis and Billy secretly escape the ministry and head for Austin. Upon their arrival, they find the festival not the road to fame that they had hoped as they walk through streets littered with discarded CDs of so many unfulfilled dreams.

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